November 27, 2005

Moreno justifies meat-eating of SB devotees

Tony, your views about meat-eating are really wishy-washy. You can't make the case for ahimsa AND the slaughter of animals at the same time. On one hand, you talk about how represehensible slaughter and the taking of innocent lives are, but then on the other hand, you PARDON and EXCUSE the bloodshed, violence and suffering for those who are "not on a spiritual path".

You even seem to make the case that the slaughter of animals is murder. It's like you are saying "Murder is wrong. However, if you are not on a spiritual path, Murder is okay." Come on.

Jesus ate meat. Buddha ate meat. Shirdi Sai Baba ate meat. Muhammad ate meat. Moses ate meat. The overwhelming majority of Christians, Muslims and even Hindu's eat some sort of meat. In Sri Lanka, the Buddhists even request meat! They are not supposed to, but they do. Very few Christian Saints abstained from meat. Very few non-Hindu saints abstained from meat.

One of the perplexing ideas about meat-eating is WHY a Creator would create the human and animal kingdom, that almost exclusively relies on violence, suffering and bloodshed, for its survival. If you look beyond the beatiful sunsets, flowers and prairies, you will see that nature is one giant meat-grinder. Things are always eating and killing other things. In the sky, in the earth, on the earth and in the water, things are always eating other things. Even if every single person became a vegetarian, there is plenty of violence in the animal kingdom. There is plenty of suffering in natural disasters and diseases. Everything suffers and dies. Such is the brutal nature of the world.

Now people can make all sorts of "spiritual" excuses for these things. To me, however, violence is violence. Suffering is suffering. Pain is pain. Killing is killing. I will not justify it like you. It should not matter if your wife does not eat beef. Is the slaughter of a chicken, fish, turkey, goat, deer or pig any more justifiable than the killiing of a cow?

It seems to me that many people who are "spiritual vegetarians" are on an ego trip where they think they are better than others. Since you are an established liar and deceiver against Sathya Sai Baba, you are NO better than the hundreds of millions of meat-eaters who live respectful lives that are dedicated to fairness and honesty. I know butchers who are more honest than you.

Not all of SSB's devotees will be able to follow his dictates. There are some Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews who cannot follow the dictates of their own religion. Although it is praiseworthy that SSB asks his followers to abstain from meat-eating and bad habits that will impact their health, he knows that not all people will be able to follow his precept and example. All he can do is try. The choice, however, fully rests on the follower to put it into practice.

You believe in the non-dual philosophy. Can you practice it? From your numerous posts full of judgmentalism, hate, anger and negativity, it is clear you can't practice your own beliefs. But you love to cast stones at others to detract from yourself. Now you can excuse your behavior by professing that you are "detached", etc., etc., etc., but in the real world, you are judged by both your words and actions. Not just your words (which you should know, because you judge SSB for his words versus his actions). I see no reason why others can't judge you based on your words and actions as well.

You have openly lied about Sathya Sai Baba. You have made numerous accusations against him with NO proof. You even tried to publicly associate SSB with a known pedophile. You have done these things out of spite and some sort of perverted sense of amusement. Your criticism is moot. Your opinions don't matter. No one cares about your whine because you have lost all crediblity. It is of little wonder that you are so duplicitous regarding ahimsa and the slaughter of animals.