November 27, 2005

Moreno admits his faulty research

When I asked Moreno to backup his claim that I eat meat, as well as his claim that I have used "Mikebreaker2004" as one of my online aliases, he had the following to say:
Sanjay, it was a name Lisa gave to me. Since you have denied using it, I removed it from the list. As if it makes the contents to that page any less shocking!
Considering such a poor standard of research, I had this to say in response: "Yes, this shows how Moreno hardly does any research except REPEAT AND ENLARGE ON the arguments provided by others, which is what I have been saying all along! It's great to see Moreno and I finally agreeing on the fact that he is rubbish at research. :-) Changing the page makes no difference."

Moreno certainly prides himself on the "veracity" of his articles. Even though he frequently claims that any errors will be corrected if reported, his behaviour has usually and consistently been to stubbornly argue that his original impression was correct.