September 17, 2006

Gerald Moreno: CRIMINAL At Large 2

In my previous post I made a slight mistake. My Creative Commons licence fully allows people to copy/duplicate my work providing that they follow the conditions of the licence.


Update: September 18th, 2006

It has come to my attention that, typically of Gerald Moreno's ranting and raving, he has complained that my appellation of him as a criminal is unfair, on account of the fact that he "fully attributes" my work and does not use it for commercial purposes or make derivative works. He claims that I copy extracts from his hateful stalkblogs in contravention.

According to the terms of the licence, attribution must be made in the manner specified by the author. Moreno has not bothered to ask me in what manner I specify my works to be attributed to me, and never has done. While Moreno (to his credit) does not use my work for commercial purposes, he is also in contravention of the 'No Derivations' principle on account of his indisciminate mutilations and distortions of my works on his stalkblog.

Thus, Gerald Moreno is in defiance of established copyright legislation and is flouting legal provisions that protect the property of writers. He is confirmed as a CRIMINAL at large. Tough luck.