October 07, 2006

Gerald Moreno's Sex Abuse Flip-Flop

In a case with great similarities to his beliefs (or unbeliefs) in Sathya Sai Baba, Gerald Moreno also flip-flops on the issue of whether Sai Baba is a homosexual child molester or not! As stated on his old FAQ:

However, in May 2006 due to a development in a sensational legal case, Gerald changed his views to the following:

Now I do understand the right of individuals to update and modify their views on subjects according to new information, but this episode that deals with such traumatic and serious issues such as systematic child sexual abuse leads me to think that Gerald Moreno prefers externals over human qualities such as sympathy, empathy, etc.

And considering the real story behind the case at hand, the fact remains that the case itself does not in any way deny the sex abuse claims of the plaintiff, and therefore we submit that Gerald has simply tried to find a convenient excuse to rid himself of the embarrassment he felt whenever his beliefs about child sex abuse were pointed out to contradict his own defensive actions as regards Sathya Sai Baba. While also claiming not to be a Sai devotee, Gerald has exhibited the exact behaviour of a Sai devotee which is to flip-flop on his position whenever facts are brought to light that further enunciate the fraud that is Sai Baba.

What a pity that Gerald Moreno cares not for the screams of little children as they are senselessly raped and sodomized by an evil pervert who Gerald does not believe in and whom Gerald continues to defend regardless!