September 25, 2006

Poor Moreno: One Year On

Observant participants will note that it is more or less one year since I first started interacting with Moreno on discussion forums. Whereas the record shows that I treated him with due civility and respect, he has gradually become more and more ruder until he is now openly hostile.

The other interesting thing is that for an entire year, I never bothered to address Moreno's perverse lies, distortions and exaggerations about me except in "private" comments made on said forums. Now it is time for the truth to be revealed and is time for Moreno to be exposed as the scandalous twisted psychopathic EVIL dogsbody that he is.

Poor Moreno, can't take the heat so he is resorting to rehashing old points that he has made before on his website. Nothing new to say, so just rehash rehash rehash. :-) It won't work, Moreno has been getting away with extremely reprehensible behaviour for an entire year and now it is time for him to pay for his misdeeds. Tough luck, now everyone will know what a sleazy liar Gerald Moreno really is.

Nothing else to talk with a confirmed psychopath. He just won't learn nor will he drill it into his THICK skull. Psychopaths don't do that.