September 21, 2006

Moreno and his Homo-Erotic Lies

Gerald Moreno is very fond of claiming that I am a homosexual, based on a couple of comments that I had made on my former blog. Let's take a look at these in detail. You'll have to excuse the first one as it was written on my personal blog after all:

"One thing that I can't understand is something that comes up when I'm reading that book about Chili Peppers. It mentions that Anthony Kiedis retrns to a theme of loneliness in some of his songs. What the FUCK? Here is the lead singer of perhaps one of the most ROYAL rock bands in the world today - rocking for over 25 years - and he's complaining of being lonely? Fucks sake, the man must have tens of thousands of groupies. Yeah yeah, perhaps he doesn't need all that shallowness and needs proper companionship and all that emo bullshit, blah blah. But still, LONELY? I really love Kiedis, perhaps even in a homoerotic way, but the man has to compare his shit with the standard we all got and prioritise."

Clearly I am expressing my admiration for Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of one of my favourite bands Red Hot Chili Peppers. At the time I was reading his autobigraphy, and in the above blog I was expressing my disatisfaction with the way he handled the worse points of his life. Moreno, wild jumper to conclusions that he is, makes a meal out of my last sentence and proclaims that this is evidence of some undisclosed homosexuality on my part!

Here is an example of another blogger talking in almost exactly the same way: "We Love This Guy! (But Not In A Gay Way)." Trust Moreno, who himself is suspected of being a raging homosexual, to project unsavoury tendencies on critics of Sai Baba with the scantiest proof.
His next big idea derives from the following comment (also from my former blog):
"I think of Haresh, how he used to lay his head down in my lap and I'd stroke his hair. I did that spontaneously, because I know what my blood likes. All the men in our family are the same. I know I like it, and I know he likes it too. So when he lays his head down in my lap, I spontaneously stroke his hair. This guy is my blood. He's lived a shitty life and so I show him some love."
Moreno can be excused for his suspicions, but he didn't even bother to clarify this with me and what it all means. As is per his usual routine, he simply read it, jumped to wild conclusions, and holds it up as evidence of "homosexuality". Should Moreno have taken the time to clarify this with me, as he ceaselessly urges other people to do, he would have been saved from a very embarrassing humiliation.

Why? Why well, because the 'Haresh' referred to in my former blog is none other than my brother! Technically he is my cousin, but he is the closest cousin I have and we regard each other as brothers. Consequently Moreno thinks that any affection shown between brothers such as an arm around the shoulders or so is evidence of homosexuality! Or get this, incest!

Even so, it is a well-known fact that men in India openly show "casual affection" towards each other which sometimes takes the form of holding hands, arm around the shoulders, embraces and so on. Anyone who has been to India will know of this. Moreno, who claims to have made several trips to India would doubtless be able to verify this (unless he is deliberately lying as usual). Consequently, isn't it hilarious of Moreno to point his pudgy fingers (his favourite and oft-repeated phrase) at other people and accuse brothers of homosexuality when they are just showing "casual" affection towards one another? Far be it for Dumbo Joe to fling accusations when he himself is suffering extremely strong suspicions of being a homosexual and is 100% engaged in the defence of a world-renowned homosexual paedophile.