September 20, 2006

Mistaken Moreno Can't Shut Up

Moreno has been consumed in a feeding frenzy. His latest half-baked idea is that I cannot stick to my own words. I made the following statement to a poster:

"I am going to sleep now because I am sick of all the mudflinging. That's all they can do because they have learnt it from the Pervert of Puttaparthi.

"They have proved me right once again that they have NOTHING to contribute here, so I am sticking to my signature and placing them all on my ignore list again. I will ignore the vast majority of their posts and reply only to those that REQUIRE a reply, not the usual deranged rubbish from any of them."

That was on September 14 2006. On September 19 2006 at 21:34, Gerald Moreno posted his ridiculous "exposé" about the Sai Krishna photos on a blog supposedly dedicated to "exposing" me. After commenting that this post was out of place given that there was nothing in the post "exposing" me as such, it would be better off being place elsewhere. Instead of understanding the point, Gerald immediately retorted with a long-winded post about how I had "broken" my own word of not commenting on the deranged views of mudslinging devotee slike him. Last I saw, he is still raving on about it.

Take a look at my statement again. I never stated that I am withdrawing from discussions. I simply stated that I would post to items that require a reply and not the usual rubbish, which I believe that I have done so. This is typical derangement from Moreno, who can't even read properly as evidenced many times in the past. Judging from the posts on this blog, everything that Gerald Moreno says about Sai Baba or other issues is more or less deranged rubbish, especially coming from someone who admitted going insane twice. :-)