September 20, 2006

Gerald Moreno The 'Sai Krishna' Liar

In a fit of desperation after his recent humiliation on philosophical tough questions that he has failed to answer, Gerald Moreno has taken to scouring older posts on my blog in a mad bid to find something to write about. Even though his latest "article" about fake pictures of Sai Baba has nothing to do with my "exposure" he has chosen to write about it as an exposure of me anyway! Goes to show how evil-minded he is.

Gerald Moreno has also become increasingly frightened about violating the terms of my copyright licence, which is why he has not bothered to quote anything written on my blog at these locations: The "Sai Krishna" Picture Imbroglio: Parts One, Two and Three. Not to mention the surfacing lie.

At the outset, he fully admits that the pictures are faked. How very astute of him to do so, and only after I did all the running around to prove it to boot. However, he made an embarrassing boo-boo in his very first paragraph:

"Although there are numerous accounts of paranormal phenomena attributed to Sathya Sai Baba, there are also unscrupulous people who seek to introduce fraudulent, alleged phenomena into the Sai Movement, circulate it as 'authentic' and then later rejoice in exposing the fraudulence they introduced."

If Gerald insists, I'll agree! :-) The devotees of Sai Baba who posted the fake 'Sai Krishna' pictures in devotional discussion groups are indeed "unscrupulous" in their actions. Let's not forget that very important part; it was all carried out by Sai Baba's very own devotees. Whoever the original poster was even went as far as to create a fictional story about a certain "Luther Christ" from Australia snapping a photo of Sai Baba at darshan times, only to find the developed photo as a "Sai Krishna" miracle.

I should know, I was a devotee at the time this was posted and I protested the fraudulence of this picture right from the beginning. One intellectually honest devotee (who still contacts me from time to time) asked me for proof that the picture was fake and I provided it. This means that I had to look into my collection of old ISKCON magazines for the picture, scan the image and email it to him. He then made a public announcement that I was right and that the picture was indeed a fake. In the meantime, all sorts of people (devotees) were justifying the fake picture, saying that it was a "leela" of Sai Baba's for those who "needed" to see him as 'Sai Krishna'!

This is all discussed on my blog: The "Sai Krishna" Picture Imbroglio: Parts One, Two and Three. Not to mention the surfacing lie.

Interesting how Gerald Moreno pretends that the whole thing was carried out by "unscrupulous" people, in a bid to shy away from attacking Sai Baba devotees as frauds and liars. Guess where he got that idea from? His racist and raving lunatic friend Lisa De Witt, of course. She was the one who argued with me and presented completly asinine arguments in defence of the 'Sai Krishna' picture as being a real miracle. Even after acceding to all her requests to prove my case as genuine, she ended up with the stupidest accusation ever: apparently ISKCON devotees had created the false picture in a bid to discredit Sai Baba! Moreno follows his usual routine of blindly agreeing with everything Lisa says with no proof at all, and simpkly replicates her arguments with some added speculation of his own. Why break the habit of a lifetime? :-)

Moreno then proceeds to discuss to take issue with Hari Sampath and the famous "Baba in the sky" picture. Interestingly enough, he has again used my scan of Howard Murphet's 'Sai Baba Avatar' to prove his case. He contends that the story of the woman who took the photo of the outside sky from an aeroplane (while the plane was supposedly preparing to crash-land, no doubt!) does not fit because the "miracle" picture does not show the title of Murphet's book. In addition to that, Moreno contends that the pictur eon the front cover of Murphet's book is hand-painted whereas the image of Sai Baba in the sky looks like a real person.

What Moreno forgets to tell everyone is that the picture at hand is not some sort of fictional hand-painted photograph, and that in fact it was a very popular photograph that was sold all around the ashrams in the 1970s when that picture was current. I should know, I have another Sai Baba book from the 1970s where this picture shows a 'fleshy' Sai Baba. The person who created this fake miracle picture used this 'fleshy' picture for his mischief in all likelihood, after having got his hands on one. Not rely on a hand-painted Murphet book cover like Dumbo Moreno insignificantly notes. However, he can be excused for this glaring error on the ground sof his ignorance; he simply did not know that this picture was in existence and was not even around when the picture was current.

Moreno then rounds off by stating the following, mainly a repetition of what he stated earlier but with a humungous hilarity:

"There are always antagonists who want to exploit devotee's faith by introducing fraudulent stories and pictures into the Sai Movement and then later rejoice in exposing these fraudulent stories and pictures. Luckily, many devotees and proponents have healthy skepticism and do not blindly believe such stories. I, for one, knew these two "miracle" pictures were actually altered with a computer before anyone ever publicly exposed them on the internet."

Opportunistic little runt, isn't he? After I publicly exposed the 'Sai Krishna' picture as a fraud back in the year 2000 immediately as it happened (while still a devotee) and again in 2003, Moreno has the flaming cheek to take the credit when he was not a devotee at that time and could not have known that an ISKCON picture was connected to this, what to speak of the fact that he was not a member of any Sai devotional discussion groups. Plain and simple lies. He also has the cheek to declare that "many" devotees do not believe these frauds because they are healthy sceptics.

Not according to this! Notice how the poster of that blog comes with a completely different story about the origin of this picture; he claims that he took this picture and it came out as a "miracle". Nice to see that Moreno has nothing whatsoever to say about the depravity and deceit that exists among Sai devotees, who prey upon the innocent faith of their own spiritual brothers and sisters in admiration of their own Photoshop skills. He has nothing to say about the dishonesty of devotees and the intellectual dishonesty of brainwashed devotees like his pal Lisa De Witt. Birds of a feather flock together, what else need be said?

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