September 20, 2006

Meathead Moreno

After months of cruelly tormenting individuals such as myself and Tony O'Clery for eating meat (which we both don't do) it has now been discovered that Moreno is a regular eater of eggs.

Several months ago when Tony posted a list of anti-meat scriptural quotations in the discussion forums. Moreno piped up involuntarily informing us that he was a vegetarian, not because he was trying to follow the teachings of Sai Baba but because he had something of a meat-intolerant bodily constitution. However, that never stopped him from cheerily pointing out that the eating of cheese could be considered 'meat-eating' due to the presence of rennet within it, nor did he refrain from defending Sai devotees even after it was pointed out that a large majority of them consciously violate Sai Baba's anti-meat teachings.

In short, he is a hypocrite who defends hypocrites.

And now we have discovered that he himself eats eggs:

After this was exposed on the discussion groups, Moreno rushed to do some damage control by posting a Wikipedian definition of Lacto-ovo-vegetarianism, and was fully supported in this by his comrade-in-arms Lisa De Witt, who is herself an open violator of Sai Baba's anti-meat teachings and his entire body of teching in general. Unfortunately for Moreno, this was not sufficient to absolve him of responsibility. He is not a vegetarian for spiritual reasons, but for material reasons. Even that is doubtful because even though he claims to be an agnostic, his actions and private thoughts betray him to be heavily influenced by figures such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, and the Dalai Lama. Not mentioning his links to Mata Amritanandamayi, Ramana Maharshi and Swami Premananda.

Consequently his criticism of Tony and myself was out-of-bounds and inapplicable for the purposes of meat-eating, given that we do not eat meat. The fact that we have done so in the past is irrelevant. Moreno relentlessly brought up the subject of Tony's fish-eating spouse, all the while shoving eggs down his gullet. And whether Moreno has spiritual interests or not, he would do well to note that many spiritual leaders have condemned eggs arguably even more than they have condemned meat on account of it's being a chicken's waste product.