September 20, 2006

Effeminacy On Wikipedia

I couldn't help laughing to myself when reading Gerald Moreno's user page on Wikipedia. Take a look for yourself:

(Click to enlarge)

Can you believe it? This guy is so outrageously gay. Drowning in an ocean of his own conceit, he actually believes that people may want to talk to him or even email him! Be that as it may, just see the effeminate way he phrases his words, almost exactly like he does on his own personal Geocities homepage, where he speaks about nearly going insane twice and having oil applied to his "lower stomach" by a homosexual paedophile.

I also noticed the following change in Moreno's Wikipedia profile. In the 'About Me' section, he has simply uploaded a close-up picture of a flower!

This is in keeping with his habit of flower-power identities (written about elsewhere) and his open and public description of himself as a weed covered in animal excrement. According to Sai Baba, he is worse than a stray dog too.