September 20, 2006

Moreno Enveloped In Blinding Darkness

Moreno recently wrote a hilarious post about darkness. Here is what he had to say:

"Since this blog is about Sanjay and his darkness and negativity, I thought that my subscribers and readers would enjoy some peaceful, calm and positive imagery. So I decided to feng shui this blog with some Buddha mandalas. Enjoy!"

What this nutball can't explain to everyone is why he is so obsessed with me in the first place, leave alone stalking me all around the Internet in protest at my supposed darkness and negativity, and leaving comments everywhere that are slanderous and defamatory. Nobody told him to do anything of the kind. Here is a de-facto admission from Moreno that he willingly envelopes himself in the blinding darkness of his own creation, and this his spurious attempts to calm himself down by creating unauthorised mandalas of his own (on his computer of all things!).

Take a look at Nutball's mandalas at his Flickr site. Notice how the latest 'Jesus' mandalas are all about "love", "reaching", "forgiveness", etc. Fine example Moreno is! Coupled with all the nonsensical positive affirmations that he chants to himself on a daily basis, we can really see the effect of all of this on his character. Moreno also tells everyone of his chanting of the famous Buddhist mantra: 'Om Mani Padme Hum', which in his own words: "Invokes the Blessings of Chenrezig~ Who Embodies Supreme Compassion."

Yeahhhh. Perhaps we can blame Buddha/Cherenzig for Moreno's dirty lies and sexual perversions, anonymously stalking people and hiding behind proxy IPs and all the rest of it in his defence of Sai Baba. In spite of all his meditations on light and positive virtues, he has de-facto admitted that he is enveloped in complete and total darkness. No need to explain, we have all witnessed his sorry descent for ourselves. :-)