September 21, 2006

Moreno: All-American Dirty Cowboy

Gerald Moreno has evidently been stalking me and reading everything that I write even on other blogs that have nothing whatsoever to do with Sathya Sai Baba. Under the subject line of "Sanjay Can't Shut Up", Moreno made the following statement:

Now why don't you act like a 'gentleman' (your word on your gaurasundara blog) and stop your cussing, lying and perversity. There's a start. Get going...shoo. :-)

The barefaced cheek of the fella!

For the record, he is referring to a post on my spiritual blog which he is clearly reading and checking on a daily basis just as he does with all of my other blogs and forums where I hang out.
Again, the barefaced cheek of the fella! Moreno is drowning in an ocean of his own arrogance and actually has the temerity to tell me to act like a 'gentleman'. The record shows that from the beginning of our interactions on public discussion groups, my dialogue with him was reasonably civil and made with due respect. Unfortunately for Moreno, the record also shows that he gradually grew ruder and ruder until he became openly hostile just as he is now.

Tough luck. He had his chance and he missed it. Even after he has used up all of his chances I have still thrown him several lifelines over the months to redeem himself and act like a person who is worthy of interaction. But no, Moreno has abused and violated all of his opportunitites untile he left the Last Chance Saloon a long time ago.

Then he has the temerity to tell me to "shoo". Here is this Johnny-Come-Lately, who only entered these Sai Baba debates practically five minutes ago, telling a 'veteran' like myself to "shoo". For the record, I have been deeply involved in both sides of the Sai Baba debate (as a devotee and a non-devotee) for just around six years now. This five-minute guy comes in and waves his gun around acting as if he owns the place!

Gun? Yes, gun. Moreno truly believes that this is the Wild West given the alarming and utterly scandalous nature of his desultory claims against anti-Sai critics which makes with complete impunity. He has no respect for other people's opinions, no respect for their views, respect for their constructive criticisim, no qualms about scandalising them in the most horrific ways, and so on. A Wild West villain. Openly hostile, drunkenly swaggering around deceitfully presenting himself as an authority.

As far as his plea for me to act like a "gentleman", tough luck again. I do not act like a gentleman to people who do not deserve it, and who themselves expose themselves as scoundrels of the worst order. Appealing to my sense of spirituality will not help either:

"A middle-devotee is he who has love for the Lord, who is a friend of His devotees, who is merciful to the ignorant and neglects the envious." - Bhagavata Purana 11.2.46

Moreno is not a gentleman, and therefore he does not deserve to be treated or spoken to like one.