September 21, 2006

Gerald Moreno's Gender Confusion

Gerald Moreno loves to tell people that I am confused about my gender, which in turn implies that I am unsure about my sexuality and all of the implications thereof. Again we shall see how he has made the most scandalous and defamatory (not to mention the stupidest) of accusations based on the scantiest and flimsiest of evidence.

He derived his "information" after stalking me throughout the Net and coming across my ICQ profile. At the time of writing the ICQ has undergone a massive revamp whereas previously profiles were displayed like this:

(Click to enlarge)

It is clear to see that I had obviously joined ICQ in a hurry (probably just to download the software as soon as possible) and clearly did not pay attention. Obviously I had forgotten to select the current gender (male), and even if you look at the profile as it currently stands, you'll see that even today much of it is incomplete.

Moreno is so deceitful that he claims that I had declared myself as a female twice, when the top-half of the profile is clearly taken from the bottom half and other information that Moreno did not bother to include in his screen-capture. And for the record, I had logged into my ICQ account in early March 2006 - way before Moreno publicly declared his "findings" - and selected the current gender.

Trust depraved and dishonest Moreno, to pick on a simple error or lapse in attention and hold it up as "proof" that I am supposedly confused about my gender! Hardly solid evidence, considering the fact that I am listed as 'male' on every other profile of mine that Moreno has discovered in his stalking obsession pastimes. Interestingly enough, Moreno duplicated the exact same behaviour of his comrade, Lisa De Witt, who similarly attacked Ole Alstrup (a long-time former devotee) for making a similar lapse in his Yahoo profile. Whereas everyone knows that Alstrup is a male, especially those of us who directly engaged in Sai Baba discussions with him, for Lisa De Witt to claim that she is some "hotshot investigator" as she used to do at the time brought nothing but utter ridicule on her head.

Moreno has now brought the same ridicule on his head. The fact that I had corrected my ICQ profile in early March and way before Moreno went public with his "gender dicovery" shows that Moreno is plainly and utterly deceitful in that he knowingly and deliberately slandered an innocent person as being confused about their gender. He is so utterly desperate to smear critics of Sai Baba in any which way he can at the cost of his own credibility and public respect (or lack thereof), what to speak of giving the benefit of the doubt.