December 28, 2005

Joe Moreno and his bottle-top Collection

Moreno was very upset and angry that I had caught him out when he erroneously claimed that I had used the alias "mikebreaker 2004" in the past.

When I laughingly asked him to submit proof of his claim, he simply replied that it was something Lisa De Witt told him. So this is proof of how Moreno listeans to hearsay and publishes it online as fact without checking any sources. It also backs up what I've been saying all along; Moreno is an irresponsible writer whose laughable claims have very little coherency, not to mention any form of consistency whatsoever.

After he was shamed into deleting that particular alias from his childish collection of bottle-tops, I notice that he had replaced it with two new ones! (Actually I noticed it before but I'm only bringing it up now)

"New" ones?

It seems that Moreno is so desperate to claw back some of his ERASED credibility that he embarks upon fanciful creations of his own. He claims to have "found" a Yahoo Group that I have run, named "Gour Govinda Katha", and has spotted two "new" aliases on it!

The only problem is that they are not "new" at all. When I sign off as "Gaura" in some posts, it is clearly a shortened version of "Gaurasundara", which is the name I use. Also, "Gour Govinda Katha" is not an alias at all, but is the name of the Yahoogroup! So how does that constitute a "newentry" into Moreno's collection of bottle-tops?

This shows that Joe Moreno is nothing but a dirty boy. Not just a serious one, but a completely silly and childish one, resorting to fraudulent tactics to "bump up" his bottle-top collection a little
bit. It's so ironic when he accuses the Sai Petition of the same thing, non-verification of signatures, non-verification of online aliases, fraudulent entires, fraudulent bottle-tops - sound familiar at all?

Apart from the irony there is a touch of sadness and regret too. If Moreno had asked me NICELY, I might have given him all my bottle-tops. :-)

This is what happens when, like Moreno, you stay up all night with milk and cookies waiting for Santa to come hurtling down your chimney with a sackful of presents. If you were listening carefully, you could have heard Moreno crying his eyes out on Christmas morning. A childhood fantasy had evaporated in front of his eyes, poor guy.


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