December 12, 2005

Moreno justifies his vindictive SD blog

After writing a response to the "anonymous" Premaperm which was published on my blog and on the group, Moreno responds to justify his blog behaviour:

"More hypocrisy from the Hypocrita'lani! :-)

"When it comes to SSB's 'merged pictures', publishing them on HIS blog is NOT 'childish and immature'. When it comes to SSB's 'merged pictures', publishing them on HIS blog is NOT 'malicious and slanderous'.

"Get a grip Dadlani. I am sure that 'premaperm's' intentions were like your own, 'Even in the midst of seriousness, there is always a place for a time-out to take a breather and have a snack.' The only problem is that this time around, YOU are the 'snack'. You don't like it either. You jusitfy your actions andcrucify other's actions. Your belly can't much yellower :-)"

"The simple point of the matter is that Moreno/Premaperm spend all dayplaying around with Photoshop and flatter me with their attention.

"Whereas Sai Baba is a public figure who has INVITED ridicule, abuse and physical punishment practically since he was old enough to walk, primarily due to his declarations to be God amongst other things, crucifying me for doing the same (with good reason) is hardly the same. Another difference is that I spend time analysing and discussing the contradictions of SB's philosophy, theology and personal behaviour as is evidenced all over my blog. If I decide to 'take a break from seriousness' and publish photos that were sent to me, that is really my own lookout. If that's a 'justification', then so be it.

"The MAJOR difference is that Moreno has opened this blog for the SOLE purpose of ridiculing me, simply because I am an ex-devotee of someone who he likes a lot. This is childish and immature. Moreno has now exhausted even the tiniest amount of credibility that he had left.

"Yep, Moreno needs to get a grip and a reality check. And a snack. And while I am very flattered to be the beneficiary of his attention and stalking obsessions, he obviously needs to seek some help: