October 07, 2006

Gerald Moreno's Sexy Sai Oilings

One of the most disturbing things about Gerald Moreno is his claim to have been physically oiled by Sathya Sai Baba. Despite all of his long-winded, desperate and panicky-sounding clarifications about how his oiling experience - as well as the experiences of others - are not to be regarded as sexual, the simple fact remains that such experiences are sexual by nature.

Read Gerald's half-baked explanations for yourself:

An explanation is often offered by devotees that Sathya Sai Baba is supposed to be performing some sort of "healing" or energy arousal, by which the recipient often does not know what is happening since Sai Baba often does this without consent. Assuming that the explanation of healing is true, Sai devotees often use the example of how such treatment is to be seen as akin to that of a doctor; if a doctor manipulates your genitals in a medical exam, is that to be considered sexual?

Perhaps not, but what medical qualifications does Sai Baba possess? And how does he get away with all of this without consent? And contrary to what Gerald Moreno claims, a majority of these oilings do take place on the genitals or involve the genitals in some way. Gerald speaks more:

Again we hear a lot of panicky-sounding clarifications about his own genitals being exposed (or not). As before, we are not concerned with what Gerald Moreno thinks he felt in regards to victimisation or violation; the issue still stands regarding what Sai Baba is supposed to be doing? That too, without consent! If this was not so and the whole affair was as "innocent" as Gerald tries to paint it, then why even bring up the mention of genitals? Why aregenitals such an issue? Indeed, others like B. Premanand have analysed Gerald's experience and have concluded that he is indulging in a cover-up of some sort!

Ultimately Gerald offers the following fruit of his long contemplations on the subject:

Yep, that's it. Nothing! After all that tripe about being oiled, between the pubes and the navel, taking care to steer well clear of the word 'genitals', offering plenty of justifications and paranormal experiences that were due to some monkey-spanking with oil, he has nothing to offer by way of explaining what exactly Sai Baba is doing rubbing oil on the intimate parts of younger men, least of all himself!

For those of us who have enough life experiences to understand the intent and purposes of these actions, the issue of homo-erotic genital fondling is clear and needs no explanation. For intellectually impoverished and infinitely regressive people like Gerald Moreno, they are doomed to tie themselves in knots thinking up all sorts of wacky explanations that utterly fail in explaining this patent and obvious homosexual behaviour. Speaking of which, since when does forced anal penetration and genital fondling count as energy arousal?