December 29, 2005

Moreno mock religion

I think it's time you start looking at your Deity Dolls and imagine Chaitanya smiling at you so, as you said:

Moreno judges other people

"You need lots of purifying, as there is lots of filth to blow away!"

An instance of Moreno's acting as if he's qualified to judge others.

Moreno's "logic"

"Doesn't matter if you accept 'Gour Govinda Katha' as being one of your online names or not. It was used as an online name for you, therefore its attribution is going to you" :-)

Says it all, really.

December 28, 2005

Joe Moreno and his bottle-top Collection

Moreno was very upset and angry that I had caught him out when he erroneously claimed that I had used the alias "mikebreaker 2004" in the past.

When I laughingly asked him to submit proof of his claim, he simply replied that it was something Lisa De Witt told him. So this is proof of how Moreno listeans to hearsay and publishes it online as fact without checking any sources. It also backs up what I've been saying all along; Moreno is an irresponsible writer whose laughable claims have very little coherency, not to mention any form of consistency whatsoever.

After he was shamed into deleting that particular alias from his childish collection of bottle-tops, I notice that he had replaced it with two new ones! (Actually I noticed it before but I'm only bringing it up now)

"New" ones?

It seems that Moreno is so desperate to claw back some of his ERASED credibility that he embarks upon fanciful creations of his own. He claims to have "found" a Yahoo Group that I have run, named "Gour Govinda Katha", and has spotted two "new" aliases on it!

The only problem is that they are not "new" at all. When I sign off as "Gaura" in some posts, it is clearly a shortened version of "Gaurasundara", which is the name I use. Also, "Gour Govinda Katha" is not an alias at all, but is the name of the Yahoogroup! So how does that constitute a "newentry" into Moreno's collection of bottle-tops?

This shows that Joe Moreno is nothing but a dirty boy. Not just a serious one, but a completely silly and childish one, resorting to fraudulent tactics to "bump up" his bottle-top collection a little
bit. It's so ironic when he accuses the Sai Petition of the same thing, non-verification of signatures, non-verification of online aliases, fraudulent entires, fraudulent bottle-tops - sound familiar at all?

Apart from the irony there is a touch of sadness and regret too. If Moreno had asked me NICELY, I might have given him all my bottle-tops. :-)

This is what happens when, like Moreno, you stay up all night with milk and cookies waiting for Santa to come hurtling down your chimney with a sackful of presents. If you were listening carefully, you could have heard Moreno crying his eyes out on Christmas morning. A childhood fantasy had evaporated in front of his eyes, poor guy.


Moreno's response.

My response.

Moreno's second response.

My second response.

December 27, 2005

Joe Moreno's Poison Kiss

Period. End of discussion :-X


Who is Moreno kissing?

Joe Moreno's Xmas Wishes

Sanjay, I hope your Christmas this year was better than one you had last year. I thought I'd repost your deleted blog entry about last year's Christmas, hoping you will reflect and see if your negatively has decreased any. Doesn't appear it has (as a matter of fact, appears to be worse). But I thought it might be englightening.

From Sanjay's Killuminati Blog:


WHINE! WHINE! WHINE! Nope, doesn't appear anything has changed :-)

December 20, 2005

Moreno lies about Premaperm

Premaperm sent me new images. Enjoy!

Moreno claims exemption from SB's teachings!

I am not a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, so I do not have to follow his dictates. Tough luck, S!

December 12, 2005

Moreno attacks Andries for bad taste blog

"A, I can go as 'low' as S can go. Funny how you think it is perfectly justified for S to duplicate those 'merged images' of Sathya Sai Baba on his blog, but you get on your soapbox and start preaching about 'tastelessness' when I do the SAME thing.

"S even duplicated an image of a child giving SSB oral sex under his robe! Yet YOU have the audacity to point your pudgy fingers at me and say I am 'tasteless'. Crawl back under your rock from which you slithered out, A.

"And if you were SO righteous and SO fair, it shouldn't matter if SSB is a 'public figure' or not. You should be applying the SAME standard to everyone. S has made himself VERY public in his attacks against Sathya Sai Baba. He started his OWN public blog specifically to ATTACK Sathya Sai Baba publicly.Therefore, turn about is fair play.

"Of course, I wouldn't expect YOU of being any more fair. After all, you are the same person who advertised yourself on a PRO-Marijuana site and after I exposed you, you tried to cover you tracks shamelessly, finally having the PRO-Marijuana site redirect your PRO-Marijuana Profile back to Wikipedia.

"Want to talk 'tasteless'? Look at yourself and your Anti-Sai buddies. There is more than enough 'tastelessness' there for you moralize on for years."

In response, A noted:

"Joe, I think that you are moving in the wrong direction and that things can seriously go wrong. Ever heard of the deviance amplification spiral? You are now generating one."

Moreno then screamed:

"A, you and your bandit of Anti-Sai Activists have had a long and established history of 'deviance amplification spirals'. Apparently, you do notknow what constitutes a 'deviance amplification spiral'. Have you heard of 'cognitive dissonance'? You are suffering from it."

In response to Lisa's remark, Moreno further screamed:

"Lisa, A is biased and rotten to his core. He thinks it is 100% OKAY for D to duplicate an image of Sathya Sai Baba receiving ORAL SEX from a child, under his robe, stating 'I'll make this one Sari. I came!' Yet A has the audacity to point his pudgy fingers at me for duplicating images that are NOWHERE even close to that!

"This speaks volumes about A and HIS perversity. He sees nothing wrong when his Anti-Sai Buddies do these things, but if someone returns the favor, he shreiks, snivels, raises a huge wail and gnashes his teeth. Tough luck. Turn about is fair play."

Moreno justifies his vindictive SD blog

After writing a response to the "anonymous" Premaperm which was published on my blog and on the group, Moreno responds to justify his blog behaviour:

"More hypocrisy from the Hypocrita'lani! :-)

"When it comes to SSB's 'merged pictures', publishing them on HIS blog is NOT 'childish and immature'. When it comes to SSB's 'merged pictures', publishing them on HIS blog is NOT 'malicious and slanderous'.

"Get a grip Dadlani. I am sure that 'premaperm's' intentions were like your own, 'Even in the midst of seriousness, there is always a place for a time-out to take a breather and have a snack.' The only problem is that this time around, YOU are the 'snack'. You don't like it either. You jusitfy your actions andcrucify other's actions. Your belly can't much yellower :-)"

"The simple point of the matter is that Moreno/Premaperm spend all dayplaying around with Photoshop and flatter me with their attention.

"Whereas Sai Baba is a public figure who has INVITED ridicule, abuse and physical punishment practically since he was old enough to walk, primarily due to his declarations to be God amongst other things, crucifying me for doing the same (with good reason) is hardly the same. Another difference is that I spend time analysing and discussing the contradictions of SB's philosophy, theology and personal behaviour as is evidenced all over my blog. If I decide to 'take a break from seriousness' and publish photos that were sent to me, that is really my own lookout. If that's a 'justification', then so be it.

"The MAJOR difference is that Moreno has opened this blog for the SOLE purpose of ridiculing me, simply because I am an ex-devotee of someone who he likes a lot. This is childish and immature. Moreno has now exhausted even the tiniest amount of credibility that he had left.

"Yep, Moreno needs to get a grip and a reality check. And a snack. And while I am very flattered to be the beneficiary of his attention and stalking obsessions, he obviously needs to seek some help:

Moreno lazy in research and asking for evidence

Upon being told that Moreno would do well to take his own advice, considering the number of inaccuracies and falsehoods about me and other people that STILL exist in his site, Moreno responds:


"Until you tell me what they are and provide me with the factual evidence to refute them, you have no one else to blame but yourself and your laziness~because you REFUSE, for some mysterious reason, to tell me what they are :-)"
"This is about as ridiculous as accusing someone of beating their wife and asking them to refute it, without realising that it may be a groundless accusation in the first place. In the same way, Moreno makes various groundless assumptions and conjectures - passing them off as fact - and then expects me to refute them with "factual evidence". To this idiot, no less, who sits in New Mexico and presumes to know everything about everyone. *rolls eyes*

"So let Moreno stand like a fool, with all of his inaccuracies, to belaughed at by the world especially by the time I am finished with him. :-)"

Moreno's answer? Nothing.

December 10, 2005

Moreno claims about Photoshop

"And I do not own photoshop. I have an outdated version of paintshop pro. I am familiar with my PSP, but have never been able to get the type of quality that Premaperm did. Once Premaperm teaches me, I am going to update :-)"

Joe Moreno opens site dedicated to SD

Today, I received an email from an anonymous person named "premaperm". This person sent me "merged images" of Sanjay Dadlani, in response to the "merged pictures" of SSB that Sanjay published on his blog.

Needless to say, I had a GOOD laugh (and am still laughing) and decided to create my own blog exposing Sanjay Dadlani. I decided to put these pictures on my blog as well. I feel that if Dadlani thinks it is entertaining and jusitifed to post merged images of SSB (some blatantly sexual in nature) on HIS blog, I see no reason why I can't do the same on MY newly created blog. Fair is fair.

My thanks to "premaperm"!

"Hope these give you a good belly laugh as they did me!" ~Sanjay Dadlani on his own blog at:


In response:

Yes, this certainly displays Moreno's (im)maturity for all the world to see. This is one for the record. :-)

Trust Moreno not to comment on any of my blogs (except the ones where he contradict's SB's own views), but to engage in completely childish actions involving stealing my images and merging them onto pictures of animals and the like. Hilarious indeed.

A short while ago, Moreno mentioned that he can talk about credibility. Not now. :-)

And by the way, there is no "premaperm". The pictures were created by none other than Joe Moreno himself.

December 09, 2005

Moreno's hypocrisy on jumping to conclusions

"Next time ask before jumping to your erroneous conclusions, [D]."

Considering the number of of plain innacuracies and falsehoods present on Moreno's website that have still not been corrected (at the time of writing), it is indeed hilarious to see Moreno doling out advice when he would do well to take his own.